Gilde mataquavit serie


Gilde mataquavit serien er utviklet i sammarbeid med designer Kjetil Devig, som har hatt hovedansvar for variantene: Grill, Rakefisk, Bacalao, Fjøllmat og Ribbe.

Foto Fisk & Skalldyr: Docteur Dylan Cozian – Unsplash
Foto skrei: Anders Beer Wilse – Norsk Folkemuseum / Marius Fiskum – Unsplash.

Aquavit-serie for traditional Norwegian food

Gilde aquavit is known for «In companionship with Norwegian food traditions since 1953». When the design process started Gilde aquavit´s had a lack of serie in the range. Some of the products also had a long historie attached to the design and on some there was a need for total redesign. So there was quite a different starting point for each aquavit that was chosen to be part of the Gilde series.

The new overall design should  define Gilde as a range, yet preserve diversity and uniqueness for each product. These are products developed for very different occasions and may be consumed by very different people. The goal was to make Gilde the mother of all aquavit positioned towards a specific type of food or a situation where the meal is central. In this way, Gilde will simplify the choice for a perfect food and aquavit pairing.

Gilde Aquavit  – specially crafted to accompany great chefs.