Visual Identity + signage

Team: Frank + Joakim Varner / Erik Kingdon / Hege Berge

(Logo is created by Erik Kingdon)


Passion. Friendship. Happiness.

Varner is one of Europe’s leading textile companies with close to 11000 employees. The company is best known for it’s retail chains, Bik Bok, Cubus, Carlings, and Dressmann. The company has been defined by it’s strong retail brands and the unique culture of each brand has been one of the company’s greatest assets. The move to a new, purpose-built headquarters prompted the evaluation of the Varner brand and how it could better bridge the gap between it’s brands.

FRANK worked closely with the three Varner brothers and their management team on rearticulating the company’s brand strategy and how this could be communicated through the various physical and digital touchpoints in the new building.