Berit Nordstrand

Visual  Identity + Packaging

Synnøve Finden / Sørlands Chips

Brand Identity

Photo: Klaudia Iga / Aina C. Hole studio
Styling: Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal

Smart pleasures

The Berit Norstrand product series is the result of a collaboration between Synnøve Finden and the nutritional expert and food evangelist, Berit Nordstrand. The product concept is based on the insight that modern consumers want healthy alternatives but without sacrificing great taste. The solution was a visual expression that would position the brand as smart, healthy alternative but without the usual associations to ‘health food’.

The design is simple yet elegant, balancing the need for enticing imagery with clear and concise information about the product’s benefits. A contemporary and relevant visual expression that appeals to a discerning audience and is easily applicable across multiple product categories.