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Kjeldsberg is a coffee roasting factory from Trondheim, Norway. The company has long traditions making quality coffee. Rasmus F. Kjeldsberg was the owner of a grocery store who predicted that coffee would become a very popular drink, and in 1856 he started making his own brand – Kjeldsberg.

The brand is owned by the the super-market chain Rema 1000. The Coffee is delivered in Rema 1000, Bunnpris (small super-market) and large and small catering businesses in Norway.



The Yellow Coffee

Kjeldsbergs have been roasting coffee in Trondheim since 1856. Their coffee has been a staple for ordinary Norwegians, from the campfire to the factory or around the kitchen table. The distinctive yellow coffee packaging is very familiar to Norwegian consumers but the brand was experiencing increased competition from both established and imported coffee brands. FRANK was commissioned to both revitalise the brand and make it more relevant for younger consumers.

The primary packaging challenge was to regain ownership of the signature yellow colour which had be gradually diluted by previous packaging designs. A secondary challenge was to help consumers quickly identify the different varieties through clear information graphics. The resulting design worked in parallel with a launch campaign based on the concept of ‘proper coffee’.