Bik Bok

Brand Identity


Never Denim

Bik Bok, one of Scandinavia’s largest fashion stores for young women, was in a repositioning process where they would move the brand from sugar-minded teenagers to young, fashion conscious women. Jeans are a “must have” product for young women and the new brand should play a central role in the brand’s step towards the new target group.

FRANK worked closely with Bik Box’s in-house denim team to develop a concept like cheeses of young “attitude”. We created a strong concept that spoke with the target audience, and that permeated everything from name, visual identity, gasket, marking and details to clothing, to the art direction of fashion shoots.

Never Denim immediately became a sales success, and five years after launch, the brand has maintained its strong position in the market. At the same time, Bik Bok has made a clear shift towards a target audience of older self-conscious youth, with Never Denim as the actual spearhead in this exercise.