Porsgrund Porcelain

Brand Identity

Art Direction

Photo: Knut Bry and Tommy Næss


Total rebranding of the porcelain manufacturer Porsgrund. New logo, packaging, catalogues, photograpy, strategy, segmentation etc. The project consisted of two integrated parts: The consumer market, and the professional market. Both with different needs for communication.

Porsgrund Porcelain had “grown with it´s audience,” and had to take steps to actualize itself for a younger group of consumers. Some modernization of the brand had been made over the years, but with the result that Porsgrund also lost some of its historical foundation.

Splitting the products from Porsgrund into three distinct categories: Classic products (Classics), Design icons (Originals), and simple basic products (Home), made it easier for consumers to navigate while one could place greater emphasis on product groups which could draw younger consumers to the Porsgrund brand. Along with the new logo that clearly pointed back to the roots, bolder color and imagery, as well as a more clearly communicating brand, we managed to both give Porsgrund back some of its former glory while talking to a completely new group of consumers.